Course Description

People with negative attitudes are not fun to be around. While it's tough to get someone to change a negative attitude into a positive one, we've probably pursued change in the wrong way. What if you were to invest in someone who has a negative attitude and actually have them become a very positive influence on your team? What would that say about your leadership? How much happier with the rest of the team be? This is exactly the reason we built this course on how to coach negative attitudes.

A coaching recipe is an unconventional way to facilitate change.

Recipes are very specific, targeted activities you can utilize to develop a negative attitude into a positive one. You will learn seven strategies that will provide you the following benefits:

  1. How to create a positive relationship with coaching someone with a negative attitude
  2. How to use a specific book to facilitate a positive attitude
  3. Why coaching someone with a negative attitude could be the best thing for your leadership in career
  4. How to coach someone to develop a positive attitude using simple observation
  5. How to have a coaching conversation that is calm and professional that the employee will embrace

And much, much more.

The seven strategies will provide you very specific ways to help people with negative attitudes ultimately become positive, professional teammates in the workplace

Chief Coaching Officer

Tim Hagen or call (262) 377-5655

Course curriculum

  • 1

    7 Recipes

    • 7 Recipes for Coaching A Negative Attitude

    • Questions to Ask A Negative Person

    • Summary

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