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One of the most common issues that employees and managers alike face in the workplace is interpersonal conflict between two employees or coworkers. The toxicity of this type of relationship filters into many different aspects of the work environment, presenting a major opportunity and need for addressing this issue. The major hangup with this issue is beginning the conversation. Where do you even start? What would the benefits for the rest of your company be if you engaged with these employees?

A coaching recipe is an unconventional way to facilitate change.

The recipes are very specific and targeted activities you can utilize to initiate a conversation with two employees that don't work well together. You will learn strategies that will provide you the following benefits:

1. Questions that facilitate a dialogue between you and the employees

2. What whiteboard coaching is and how it can assist your coaching

3. How to utilize additional tools, such as books or journals, and have the employees reflect on the text to commit to improving their relationship

4. Set high goals in a positive manner and watch your employees meet the challenge

Engaging and starting the coaching conversation is the most difficult task when working with two employees that don't work well together. However, with targeted tools and approaches, understanding the needs and frustrations of employees becomes somewhat of an easier task.

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    • 7 Coaching Recipes to Coach Two Employees Who Do Not Get Along

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