Course Description

Delivering feedback is something that most people tend to avoid. While it's sometimes difficult to engage in the process, it is vital in order to achieve the results you're looking for. What if you had the tools to deliver feedback that is not only heard, but accepted? What would your coaching culture look like if that feedback was delivered purposefully? How much happier with the rest of the team be? This is exactly the reason we built this course on how to deliver feedback that is accepted.

A coaching recipe is an unconventional way to facilitate change.

The recipes are very specific and targeted activities you can use to deliver feedback that is accepted. You will learn seven strategies that will provide you the following benefits:

  1. How to create a positive relationship with delivering feedback
  2. How to use a specific tools to deliver feedback
  3. Why the use of feedback promotes a greater coaching culture
  4. How to have a conversation that your employee will embrace

And much, much more.

The seven strategies will provide you very specific ways to engage in feedback and what it can do to promote a coaching culture in your place of employment today.

Chief Coaching Officer

Tim Hagen or call (262) 377-5655

Course curriculum

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    7 Coaching Strategies to Successfully Deliver Feedback

    • 7 Feedback Coaching Recipes

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