Intro to CoachingYOU

The CoachingYOU "Coachability" Assessment is an innovative approach that analyzes an individual employee's perspective and attitudes towards 9 key areas of coaching - assessing their strengths and areas of opportunity to improve.

What's Measured

The CoachingYOU Assessment measures 9 key areas:

  • Attitudes & Relationship Towards Feedback

  • Attitudes & Relationship Towards Coaching

  • Attitudes & Relationship Towards Change

  • Attitudes & Relationship Towards Constructive Feedback

  • Attitudes & Relationship Towards their Job

  • Relationships & Ownership Towards their Career

  • How the employee reacts when provided feedback they disagree with

  • How the employee is perceived by their teammates

How it Works

Upon completion of the assessment, the employee will receive a report detailing the results and providing specific coaching feedback based on their responses. Managers will, in turn, receive a copy of the employee's report and a coaching strategy guiding them on how to best work with that individual employee!

Assessment Pricing

Pricing for this assessment is structured according to the size of your organization. A deposit of $250 is required to enroll your organization in the program. Final cost will be determined based on the quantity of assessments desired.


Upon placing your deposit, we will schedule a call with you to confirm the number of participants, discuss strategy, provide you with a sample report, and answer any questions you have.


Have questions that we didn't address here? Reach out to us via email and let us know how we can help! Email

Enroll Your Organization

A down payment is required to enroll your organization. Final cost is based on the number of employees taking the assessment.