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Coaching Prescriptions provide you a step-by-step process to coach to a targeted area of development or performance. A Coaching Prescription will provide you a four step coaching process and framework for you to follow each and every session. In addition, each coaching session you will be provided with three elements that will make your coaching conversation a success:

  1. Learning project- a learning project is an assignment that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete that the employee will conduct or complete outside of the actual coaching session on their own. The learning project will be germane specifically to the area that you are coaching to.
  2. Discussion-each coaching session should start off with a discussion in the way that discussion is started is through the learning project. During the discussion phase we will provide you with specific questions that you can ask specific to your coaching prescription purchased.
  3. Activity- after the discussion has been completed you will be provided activities that you can facilitate again germane to the coaching prescription you’ve purchased.

Each session of each prescription will literally provide you with the questions, activities, and learning projects you can utilize every single step of the way. The benefit to you is you will be a will to put your own spin in style and things but this prescription will allow you to have a targeted, successful, and continuous coaching interaction with your employee (s).

Developing one's ability and confidence to close sales sounds easier than it is. People will have varying degrees confidence when closing sales. As you go through this coaching prescription, you’ll discover that there are various aspects of the sales process that might be the cause of the lack in confidence.

First, you must be able to define how to close the sale. What are the specific steps, phrases and verbiage a salesperson should use against your company's criteria to close the deal? If you do not have that, this provides you a wonderful opportunity to facilitate that imperative. For example, you could ask a question such as, "Is there anything potentially inhibiting from going forward, whether it's with us or another firm? If not, what are your thoughts of going with our company?" This type of language might seem simple, but most salespeople won’t ask for the order if they don't know how. The knowledge part of closing is absolutely critical to holding people accountable and developing mutually defined expectations between you and your sales team.

Second, skills allow us to do what the knowledge teaches us to do. If you know the appropriate steps and verbiage to ask for the business and close the sale, but don't practice or role play, the skill level will never be as high as what it could be. Skill is developed through repetition, practice, and commitment.

Chief Coaching Officer

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Course curriculum

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    • Coaching Prescription Introduction

    • Coaching Prescriptions: How to use

    • Your Actual Coaching Prescription

    • Summary

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