Course Description

Coaching Prescriptions provide you a step-by-step process to coach to a targeted area of development or performance. A Coaching Prescription will provide you a four step coaching process and framework for you to follow each and every session. In addition, each coaching session you will be provided with three elements that will make your coaching conversation a success:

  1. Learning project- a learning project is an assignment that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete that the employee will conduct or complete outside of the actual coaching session on their own. The learning project will be germane specifically to the area that you are coaching to.
  2. Discussion-each coaching session should start off with a discussion in the way that discussion is started is through the learning project. During the discussion phase we will provide you with specific questions that you can ask specific to your coaching prescription purchased.
  3. Activity- after the discussion has been completed you will be provided activities that you can facilitate again germane to the coaching prescription you’ve purchased.

Each session of each prescription will literally provide you with the questions, activities, and learning projects you can utilize every single step of the way. The benefit to you is you will be a will to put your own spin in style and things but this prescription will allow you to have a targeted, successful, and continuous coaching interaction with your employee (s).

Handling price objections conjures up a lot of different things for salespeople. There is not a one size approach to coaching people. You may have a process or a specific solution you want to deploy, either internally or from a thought leader, but it's imperative that you understand the different levels of complexity per salesperson in terms of their ability to handle price objections. We typically leverage something we called the tiers of learning: knowledge, skill, and behavior. Salespeople must have the knowledge of the steps and know what to say and do when handling the price objection. The skill is the ability to respond and perform to leverage that knowledge. Behavior indicates a person's ability to handle the price objections with confidence and conviction, and void of fear or anxiety.

Chief Coaching Officer

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Course curriculum

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    • Coaching Prescription Introduction

    • Coaching Prescriptions: How to use

    • Your Actual Coaching Prescription

    • Summary

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