Course Description

In partnership with CUNA (Credit Union National Association), we are pleased to present to you Progress Coaching. Progress Coaching has been one of the pioneers and innovators of the coaching movement. This course was initially taught over 15 years ago and has gone through many revisions to meet current demands of talent development and retention.

Progress Coaching is a three-part approach. First is an online course, followed by a best practice session and a 90-day coach the coach program. Here are the details:

1) First, complete the online course. The course will teach 12 different ways to coach, a battery of coaching questions, a 4-step coaching conversation model designed to streamline your sessions, and how to coach to the tiers of learning (knowledge, skill, and behavior). In addition, during the online course, you will receive checkpoints which are surveys you complete and we will provide you one-to-one feedback to your answers.

2) Next, you will have your choice of a best practice session. The first option is an in-person session in Madison, Wisconsin at CUNA. This option is provided in an all-day workshop format where you will practice the art of the coaching conversation and design two coaching plans. You will meet with other CUNA member professionals during the session sharing best practices. The second option is two sessions done virtually for both a practice session and design. Note: For credit unions with 15+ attendees, we will come to you to facilitate a best practice session.

The dates for 2019 in-person sessions in Madison, Wisconsin at CUNA:

All Sessions are 8:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

March 29, June 28, September 27 or December 13

3) Last, you will be enrolled in a 90-day coach the coach program. Each month you will receive a link to an assessment asking you how you are applying the coaching and what issues you are facing. In turn, we send a pdf with the questions and your specific answers accompanied by custom audio providing you specific feedback to your challenges.

Progress Coaching is designed to provide you in-depth solutions and a variety of options to coach, which will not only save you time but will also provide many of the strategies that require no physical or in person presence to facilitate the coaching. In today's world, our leader’s time is limited; therefore, Progress Coaching can be a vital solution providing you many options to coaching versus a one size fits all solution. Progress Coaching will provide you very creative strategies to develop and retain top talent at your credit union.

Special Note: If you are to have multiple managers from your credit union attend the same best practice session, it is best to register and start the course on the same day.

Chief Coaching Officer

Tim Hagen or call (262) 377-5655

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To The Course

    • Progress Coaching Training Introduction (Trailer)

    • Outline of Program

    • Welcome to Progress Coaching

    • 3 Coaching Stories to Inspire A Great Start!

  • 2

    What is Progress Coaching

    • Introduction

    • What Is Progress Coaching

    • 3 Types of Coaching

  • 3

    Progress Coaching Imperatives

    • Progress Coaching Imperatives Overview

    • Progress Coaching Questions

  • 4

    Mastering the One on One Coaching Conversation

    • Introduction

    • The One on One Coaching Model

  • 5

    Mastering Group Coaching

    • Introduction

    • What is Group Coaching

  • 6

    How to Start One on One or Group Coaching

    • Coaching Starters Lesson

  • 7

    Checkpoint #1

    • Checkpoint # 1 (Required)

  • 8

    Mastering Peer to Peer Coaching

    • Introduction

    • What is Peer to Peer Coaching

  • 9

    Supplemental Coaching Methods

    • Introduction

    • Supplemental Coaching Methods Overview

    • Supplemental Coaching Strategies Quick Review

    • Quick Review Sheet

  • 10

    Putting Your Coaching Plan Together

    • Introduction

    • Putting Your Plan Together

  • 11

    The Coaching Prescription Model: Tracking Your Coaching Success

    • What is the Coaching Prescription Model

    • Progress Coaching Prescription Model

  • 12

    Checkpoint # 2

    • Checkpoint # 2 (Required)

  • 13

    Situational Coaching: Be Specific

    • Introduction

    • Example of Situational Coaching: Attitude

  • 14

    Coaching Influencers

    • Coaching Influencers

  • 15

    Progress Coaching Summary

    • Getting Started

  • 16

    Checkpoint # 3

    • Checkpoint # 3 (Required)

  • 17

    Next Steps

    • Your Next Steps

  • 18

    Final Objective Test

    • Objective Test

    • Objective Test

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